Mobilisations / Manipulation

Used to decrease pain and improve joint and soft tissue mobility.


Helps release muscle tension and pain, also used to stimulate circulation to accelerate recovery.


Improve joint mobility and soft tissue extensibility.


Often used to maintain progress, further improve function and prevent recurrence.

Electro therapy

Provides pain relief and promotes healing to assist full recovery.

Advice / education

Essential in supplementing injury management and long term care.

Industrial Injury

Physiotherapy is clinically and a cost effective method of keeping people at work or in helping an injured worker to return safely to the workplace. Work foundation report states that for every £1 invested, there is an expected £3 return. By providing a fast track physiotherapy service for your employees, physiotherapy can help:


  • Reduce absenteeism
  • Improve productivity
  • Help staff retention
  • Help staff return to work
  • Prevent staff from going off work

NJB can provide:


  • Highest level of clinical and professional excellence
  • Patients can be seen within 48 hours
  • Accredited by all major insurance companies
  • Large car park with easy access to the clinic